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We provide step-by-step guides and services to assist your
startup journey from incorporation to a successful exit.


The only platform of its kind in Singapore. Manage all of your regulatory tasks — company registration, taxes, immigration, licenses, compliance — through an easy to use self-service portal. Access and track your company information and service requests anytime, anywhere. Get professional advise from legal, accounting and compliance experts through the portal.

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About us


 Democratizing entrepreneurship by demystifying the startup landscape.

We demystify the startup process with information and tools that guide a would-be entrepreneur through every stage of starting and succeeding in a new business.

One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur needs to make is where to incorporate their business. The ideal country is one with a robust infrastructure, geographically central location, deep integration with global markets, an honest pro-business political system, efficient governance, low taxes and a robust legal system that protects an entrepreneur’s rights.

Singapore combines all these virtues and offers numerous assistance schemes for startups making it an ideal location for them.

Once you are convinced that Singapore is the right place for your firm, we provide the complete range of services to setup and manage your business here.

We do this through a corporate services platform where you can manage all regulatory tasks for your business and network with participants in the startup ecosystem of Singapore.

In the past, success depended upon old-school networking – knocking on doors and soliciting introductions from acquaintances. While those personal interactions and relationships still have a place in business, today’s entrepreneurs enjoy the strategic advantage of online connections that provide fast and easy access to a global network of peers, mentors and advisors.

Through efficient use of information and technology, we are “democratizing entrepreneurship”.